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Brand Philosophy

Garden Fresh Scents

Wellness Inspired Cleaning . 100% Essential Oil that gives off a garden fresh scent leaving the area smelling refreshed.

Natural Ingredients

Our products are made from naturally derived ingredients and cruelty free.

Recyclable Packaging

Made with widely recyclable material and refill with our 5L refills or refill stations and help reduce plastic waste.

Product of Singapore

Our cleaning products are proudly researched , developed and made in Singapore.
Lemon Verbena
Jasmine & Lily

Top Reviews

I have always been skeptical of natural products but two steps have changed that. It smells really good and effective at doing their jobs. Would definitely recommend trying them!
I am allergic to so many “organic” soaps so I am happy I found this one. Now I just hope Two steps cleaning continues to do what they do!!
I really like this hand soap refill. Smells decent, not overpowering and cleans well, doesn’t dry out the skin either. This soap also doesn’t contain the toxic ingredients that some others do. I purchased this soap to refill my pump soap dispensers, as it’s more cost and environmental efficient to keep refilling the bottles instead of tossing them out and buying more. Happy with it overall.
Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019
I wasn't going to write a review but after using this for over a month, I just had to give one. I have been purchasing much more expensive "designer" handsoaps. Supposedly natural and better but this Two steps cleaning is incredible. Everytime I use it - I can't get over how it cleans your hands but doesn't have that drying after feel, like every other soap. I don't know what is different in this formula but this is THE BEST period
I'm always looking for a hand soap that doesn't leave my hands flaky and tight, and one that won't make me miserable if I can't apply lotion immediately. This is the current winner. It has a delightful lavender scent, making it very pleasant to use but not strong enough to follow you around for the next couple of hours. I've just finished my first refill bottle, and plan to reorder again once I break open the second one.
Jia Min
Have been using this brand to remove grease and I loved it, I use it in all greases and oil spills.
This product is absolutely amazing I initially bought it for mold on my patio chairs they were high quality cushions but I was ready to throw them away because every other cleaner I used did not remove the mold and ruined the fabric I sprayed this product on it and within a minute all the mold was gone.
This stuff is amazing! Bought on a recommendation from a friend who uses this stuff as a cleaner in a college. I was going to change my rusty towel rail because it was old and rusty. Used this and it’s literally brand new again!
Jia Jun
Bought it for my mom. She's been scrubbing the aluminum surfaces in the kitchen to clean them, so I bought her this instead. Just spray on and wipe it off. All dirt and grease will come off. No need to scrub. Afterwards, the surface is free of dirt and feels squeaky clean without grease.
Trusted brand and made in the Singapore. When it comes to personal safety and protection, this is a no-brainer. Two Steps Cleaning is the best choice. I tried some other imported hand sanitizers, I could hardly smell alcohol in some of them. two steps cleaning sanitizer smells and feels right. I will only buy two steps cleaning hand sanitizers now since we no longer have a supply shortage.


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